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your UI design work via email. Tasks Literature review: charting existing research on viewport switching and out-of-body experiences Design and implementation of one ore more ways to switch between viewports in VR Implementation of virtual collaborative tasks Design and conduction of a user study Requirements Interest. Taking some points into consideration.g. Suggested Reading: Yamaha Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transforms a Dancer into a Pianist Mateas,. Die wissensbasierte Authentifizierung (bspw. This led us to question how users identify themselves on public displays. A first design prototype and insights from user interviews exist to get you started.

Entwicklung von Virenprogrammen und derer Mglichkeiten wie Grenzen. Additionally, prolonged gesturing can lead to fatigue. Details PT Sarah Theres Vlkel The PhoneStudy Research App Description Developing an Android app for predicting personality traits via smartphone usage In the PhoneStudy project, an interdisciplinary team consisting of psychologists, statisticians, and computer scientists develop an Android app. Independent scientific working and creativeness, experience with user-centered design processes, interest in touch surfaces and novel interaction techniques. Senden Sie es an u t fortiss. Get familiar with authentication techniques, find and study related literature, develop / reuse software tracking the body motion and model it. Dual contouring of hermite data. Effizienz wird meist in Zeit gemessen und evaluiert. To investigate the aspects of the confined space of a car for haptic feedbacks To explore categories of interaction/tasks well suited for the limited rear-seat VR usage References 1Li,., George,., Ngao,., Hollnder,., Mayer,., Butz,.

Org Details BT/MT Ville Mkel On-Body Gestures Description Mid-air gestures enable new and exciting ways of interacting with technology, especially because devices can be interacted with from a distance. Examples include but are not limited to adapting the display of content and arrangement of interactive elements based on touch behavior, changing interaction modality, approaches to initiate cleaning the display, as well as psycho-education. Suggested Reading: Details MT Jingyi Li Investigating Haptic Feedback for VR Interaction in the Confined Rear Seat How to utilize the rear seat's limited physical space to support haptic feedback in-car HMD usage for non-driving-related tasks? Conducting a study with students. Arten von Viren: Die Direct-Action-Viren, Slow-Viren und die Stealth-Viren. Genaue Informationen zur Nutzung Ihrer Daten finden Sie in unserer. Implementation of a functional prototype that demonstrates the basic concept. Ju,., Losasso,., Schaefer,., Warren,. For example, we track the number of users calls, sms, and app usage, which might predict how extraverted the user.

Showing on-screen cues to guide each user in a different way. GravitySpot is a system that guides users to specific spots in front of large interactive displays using cues that implicitly guide users. AI magazine, 23(3. Du mochtest mehr zu den Unternehmen und Hochschulen erfahren? Stapelverarbeitungsdateien: Einfache Stapelverarbeitungsdateien und der Einsatz von Batch Files unter DOS. Hier findest Du Themenvorschlage von Unternehmen, Hochschulen und Forschungsgemeinschaften. Als Ma der Effizienz dient hier in der Regel die Zeit, welche fr die korrekte Eingabe eines Passwortes/PIN bentigt wird. The aim of the thesis is to explore the interaction and visualization techniques for social gatherings. AI and music: From composition to expressive performance. Datenschutz: Programme zum Schutz und zur Sicherheit der Daten mit PGP.

Those studies can focus on performance as well as on human behavior. Berblick ber Speichermedien. Requirements: Experience in either VR programming, C# or 3D modeling. Scope of the Thesis, the aim of this thesis is to create novel interaction concepts for public displays, implement them in the form of prototype applications and test them in user studies. Details Daniel Buschek, Emanuel von Zezschwitz Einzelpraktikum Effizienzanalyse Mobiler Authentifizierung Effizienz ist ein wichtiger Faktor der Usabilityforschung. A successful project can result in a submission to a renowned international conference/journal. Wer es noch einfacher mag: Du registrierst Dich und lasst Dich von Unternehmen ansprechen.

For example, in case of a display with which users can interact via mid-air gestures, a perfect position to guide users to could be 2-3 meters away from the display, but in case of interaction via eye gaze. Spyware: Funktionsweise, Entwicklung und Schutzmglichkeiten. 5Balters,., Mauriello,. GravitySpot guides users by showing them on-screen cues that implicitly guide people to the correct position. VR environments or objects currently dont include such traces of use and it is unclear how to represent traces of use in a virtual environment.

Aufbau und Funktionsweise eines Betriebssystems. Basic knowledge of user research. Virenprogramme und ihre Bedeutung. Florian Alt, Ville Mkel Social Gatherings in Virtual Reality Problem Statement Virtual Reality is gaining more and more importance in our daily lives as we allow ourselves to be immersed in a simulated environment. Dafr sollen mehrere Modifikationen eines PIN-Eingabesystems entwickelt und im Feldtest studiert werden. There are several tasks for media informatics students in this project (cf. Hinweise zum Datenschutz, die Verwaltung Ihrer Datenschutzeinstellungen fr academics kann aktuell nicht ausgespielt werden. The project is initially offered as an Einzelpraktikum for Master students (Media Informatics, MCI) for one or two semesters (6/12 ects, respectively). In Proceedings of the 20th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques - siggraph'93 (Vol.

Fr einige Informatik-Studenten unter Euch mchte ich heute die. Sicherheit durch das Monitoring in Grounternehmen. Aufbau des Speichers unter DOS TSR-Programmierung. Gefahren im Internet: Eine realistische Einschtzung von Gefahren im und durch das Internet. We attempted to implement GravitySpot.0 before. Datenschutz und Datensicherheit.0. Send your application with a transcript of records, examples of your designed models or programming projects (GitHub page is ideal) via email to Changkun. Bewerbung Beschreiben Sie kurz Ihre Motivation, relevante Fachkenntnisse, beispielsweise aus frheren Kursen, Jobs und anderen Projekten, die Ihre Fhigkeiten in einem oder mehreren der folgenden Bereichedemonstrieren: Programmierung, Benutzererfahrung, Nutzerstudien, Prototyping. Mikroprozessor: berblick ber die aktuellen Entwicklungen in der Mikrotechnik. Tasks: (Extensive) Literature review on smartphone solutions to support focus and detachment Enhancement of an existing Android launcher-based application with the findings from 1) Design and execution of a lab- and/or field study to evaluate the effect of the solution.

The first makes it hard for us to detach - from work just this one email, then I'm done for today pressure from friends and family why didn't you answer my message within 5 minutes? Anschlieend knnen Sie die Einstellungen zum Datenschutz vornehmen. Betriebssysteme weiteres als Informatik Bachelorarbeit Thema. However, we quickly realized that a prerequisite is to first make sure the user knows which on-screen cue they should follow. We started by following the same approach adopted in the first version.e. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications, 113. How can familiar concepts such as punch cards or origami help to design intelligible interaction metaphors, that create commitment to the actions we as users perform with technology? PIN) stellt ein Beispiel fr eine solche Aufgabe dar. Computerviren: Entdeckung, Schden und Entfernung. Entwicklung und Aufbau von Java.

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